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Official website of the Directorate Of Cabinet, Political And Special Services Edo State, Nigeria.

The Directorate of Cabinet, Political and Special Services is an esteemed division within the Governor's Office, operating under the purview of the Secretary to the State Government. Strategically situated in the heart of Benin City, the Directorate plays a pivotal role in the governance structure. Since its establishment in the year 2000, a distinguished lineage of Permanent Secretaries has diligently served in this prestigious Directorate, upholding its mission with utmost professionalism and commitment.

Our Vision

Edo state will become a regional reference point for quality healthcare delivery, and the desired destination for innovation, education and research in healthcare.

Our Mission

Working in motivated, goal-oriented teams in collaboration with other government sectors, the private sector, non-governmental organizations and other partners, to improve health.

Our Team

See organizational structure below. The Directorate is headed by a Permanent Secretary who is responsible to the Secretary to the State Government


  • Julie Olatunji : April 2018 to date,


  • J.O. Idedia : 2000  –  2001
  • F. O. Okuorobo : 2001   –  2005
  • M.E. Idehen : 2005–  2008
  • E. O. Odia : 2008  –  2010
  • E. Enobakhare : 2010   –  2012
  • Barrister S.O. Oko-ose:  2012   –  2018

The Directorate is made up of five Departments namely:

  • Cabinet Department;
  • Political Department;
  • Special Services Department;
  • State Archives and Record Services Department
  •  Finance and Account Department.